UAMP - Soul Shaking Audio for Your Ears

Created by Bartosz Kowalski & Joseph Chehade

Enrich your listening experience and overcome your music player’s limitations with Uamp, a headphone amplifier in a portable package!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

over 8 years ago – Tue, Dec 29, 2015 at 11:47:06 PM

Hey everyone! 

We have been working really hard to give all of you Uamp as soon as possible and today we have great news: our production line is up and running!

The first production run came out with flying colors. We ran all our tests and everything looks perfect. We couldn't be happier with the standard of quality and results. So finally we have began manufacturing the main batch of Uamp, all 5000 units are on the way. 

Below you will see the final timeline for Uamp. Starting from today until we start shipping! 

During the Chinese New Year/Spring Festival Holiday in February most factories close. This means Uamp won’t be complete until March 2016. We've been in constant communication with our factory to speed this process up as much as possible and we will be personally flying and staying in China to oversea the final stages of production. 

We know you have been waiting a while so we appreciate your patience with the crowdfunding process :)

Timeline from the factory

Dec 30th - Manufacturing started!

Jan 3rd - Circuit boards begin production, Enclosure + buttons CNC & Packaging boxes made

Jan 17th - Pick and Place

Feb 1st - Chinese Spring Festival Holiday

Feb 28th - Chinese Holiday Ends, Manufacturing resumes

March 1st - Accessories - felt bag, cables & clip delivered to factory 

March 2nd - Bart & I arrive in China to oversea final stages of production

March 25th - Shipping Begins!

Below is a photo and video from our manufacturer in China. 

Below is the manufacturer over the first run of Uamps!

What if I need to change my address? If you need to update your shipping address just message us on Kickstarter or email [email protected] and we will update your address. We will also confirm everyone’s address just before we ship so it won’t send to the wrong place!


We are very happy and proud to see Uamp in it's final stages. Bart and I have really enjoyed every part of this journey and we thank you for making it happen. It's defiantly taker longer than we initially thought, but we thank everyone for understanding. Your support means the world to us and we will make sure everyone gets their Uamp!

Something Extra!    

We really like the suggestion of including something extra to say sorry for everyone waiting so long. We know this won't make up for the time you have had to wait but at least it will make Uamp feel a little extra special.

Post in the comment section below what you think would be a great little extra. Just remember we can't change the design of Uamp and it can't hold back manufacturing (ofcourse). Maybe an accessory of some kind? i.e. a cable tie. You help us decide!

Much Love

Bart + Joe


Manufacturing Update - November
over 8 years ago – Tue, Nov 24, 2015 at 11:31:27 PM

Uamp Update - November

Testing - Complete

We are proud to say that Uamp has passed testing with flying colors. Not only that but we are very proud with the results. The audio quality has actually improved from our prototype stage dramatically. 


As testing is completed we move into full production mode. Manufacturing Uamp begins with the first batch which our factory will have for us in 2-3 weeks. We will begin to test this first batch for quality assurance and no errors in both mechanical and electrical design. If these all goes well we can move into the last stage of manufacturing, mass production. We will keep you apprised of each step of the way.


We have also finalized all the packaging and instructions. This is quite a time consuming task getting all the regulatory, safety, translations and other data all complete. We have included over 8 languages but more languages will be accessible through our support page. 


As mentioned above, the issue with the testing pushed back the schedule. At this point we expect to be in mass production in January. We know this comes as a frustration to you all and it is especially frustrating for us because we were hoping to be in your hands before the new year. No one wants to ship this product more than we do; we just need to be patient and ensure that all the features will be implemented properly. We are getting close to our main production run and sincerely cannot thank you enough for your patience.

We thank you again for your support. We couldn't have done this without you.


Bart + Joe

Uamp Team

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Uamp Update - October
over 8 years ago – Thu, Oct 29, 2015 at 12:11:45 AM

Uamp Update - October


Just an update on the battery: Thanks to all your help, we were close enough to our stretch goal and are now adding an extended battery (bigger & better). Originally the battery was going to be 160mAh. But now we are proud to say that Uamp will have a 250mAh battery. Which is huge amount of extra power! (over 40% more battery). So thank you all again for helping us achieve this.

250 mAh batttery, mega power!
250 mAh batttery, mega power!


Thanks to our artist Tim, for coming up with this great packaging design. We are very happy with it and hope you are too. The final version will look more polished, but it will look similar to the concept and photo below.

Uamp packaging
Uamp packaging

Re-testing & Schedule

Thank you again for your patience, we know we have been taking quite a while to get the product out. That being said, we are getting close to running our first production batch and then our main production run. We are being very careful with our testing to make sure Uamp is 100% reliable. We expect to be in the first production towards mid November. Therefore we expect to ship out all units shortly after that. 

Uamp - Timeline  

Below is our current timeline for Uamp.

October 26th - Uamp (tests & final production changes)

November 16th - Manufacturing Begins (First Batch)

November 28th - Manufacturing Begins (Main Batch)

December 18th - Shipping out all Uamps

Thank you

We look forward to everyone enjoying Uamp as soon as possible. We cannot have done this without your support.

Thank you again!

Bart + Joe

Uamp Team

Uamp Update
over 8 years ago – Thu, Sep 24, 2015 at 06:30:41 PM

Uamp Update - September

Dear Backers,

We want to give you an update of our current progress as we approach the final stage of our manufacturing.


We still have a number of outstanding issues we are working hard to close. The biggest of these is ensuring battery indicator and custom EQ work perfectly. So far we have completed these in the firmware. But to ensure it is reliable we are testing and re-testing in all possible scenarios to find possible bugs and flaws. We will also still need to test the first batch from the manufacturer when they are done.

Battery Indicator (DEMO):  

Here is a demo of the battery indicator working showing full charge with the 4 RGB LED's flashing green. By pressing both the - & + volume buttons at the same time the LED's will show the battery level.


The good news is that sound quality is excellent and we are really happy with how it is testing. We are in the final stages of tweaking the EQ frequencies and once this is done Bart will publish the specs and results. FCC/CE compliance on the other  hand will need a little more time, so that the product is certified for distribution in all countries including the US and Europe.


We have been refining the packaging design to make sure it protects the product properly during shipping. Second, we are reworking the graphics to create a premium feel and communicate clearly the benefits of the product.

Need to change your address?:  

Alot of backers have changed address in the last few weeks and have asked us to update their details. If this happen to you just let us know and we will change your address. But don't worry, we will make sure the re-confirm everyone's address before we ship. This way we can make sure every Uamp makes it to every backer.


Mass Production and Schedule :

Right now, based on the testing/firmware development we have had to readjust the schedule. We plan to be in mass production in November. We know this is a little disappointing for those so eager to receive the product, believe us, we are the most eager of anyone to ship. That being said, we want to be sure we do all the necessary checks to deliver the best possible, high quality product. We appreciate the patience you guys have and the support you’ve provided. We are really proud of how Uamp has turned out and can't wait for you to try it.

Thanks again, we appreciate all your support & we will post another update soon

Bart + Joe

New Update - Uamp Timeline
almost 9 years ago – Thu, Aug 20, 2015 at 11:27:56 PM

Uamp Update - August

Hey everyone, we have been working hard to deliver Uamp to you as soon as possible. We have done a lot in the last month. Our factory/manufacturer created the first sample run. We are happy to report they came out great, sound fantastic and we already started using them ourselves. 

Uamp with updated design
Uamp with updated design

This included building the new enclosure with the ports on the same side, extended battery and battery indicator. 

Uamp circuit board + battery + enclosure + buttons
Uamp circuit board + battery + enclosure + buttons


What's next? We are about to go for FCC/CE testing. This will take us a month. So we will have to push the release date until October. Now we do apologize for the delay, but we are ready to go with manufacturing as soon as it's done. So the bad news is further delay. But the good news is everything is going well, we got the parts we need, the manufacturing is looking good, and we have a fulfillment partner to deliver the Uamp as soon as they are ready. Please let us know if you have any questions about the delay.

Other News

Felt Bag wins out!

Grey felt bag now comes with every Uamp
Grey felt bag now comes with every Uamp

You voted overwhelming for the felt bag. So now every Uamp will come with 1 grey felt bag. Thanks again for all the feedback, it really helps us decide what you want most.

Time to vote again

This time on the audio cable

Like with the felt bag, there is a choice regarding the style of Audio cable. 

Which do you like better?

1. Braided style

2. Regular style

Left Side: Braided Cable -- Right Side: Regular Style
Left Side: Braided Cable -- Right Side: Regular Style

We are about to make the final order, so comment below and let us know which one you want!

Thanks again for your support!

Thanks again for all your support, 3600 backers is fantastic and we are working hard everyday to get Uamp into your hands as soon as possible. It wont be long now, and we thank you for your patience!

Forever yours...

Bart + Joe

Uamp Team